Welcome to "Picture Book Challenge"! The purpose of this app is to help you track your progress through reading EhonNavi's collection of children's books.

What's EhonNavi?

If you're not familiar with EhonNavi, it's a website that has thousands of children's books available to view online, in full. The catch being that once you read a book there, you won't be able to read it again, unless you create a new account. For more information on how to register, check out this guide.

How's this app work?

Each challenge is organized by age group. This mimics EhonNavi's organization, but we don't repeat books across age groups like they do. Each book here links to the corresponding EhonNavi page. Once you've read the book, come back here and click on the star next to the book title to indicate you've read that book. The app uses your browser's local database to keep your progress in sync across page refreshes and browser restarts. Over time we'll unlock more challenges!

Happy reading! Email us if you experience any issues, and/or have any suggestions.

Recent Updates

  • Nov. 14 2019

    Updated the list of books, so be sure to check out the new additions to each age group. Send us an email if you notice any issues with accessing any of the books.

  • Jun. 2

    Activated remaining challenges! We also had to update how we store the data structure for the books, apologies if you're missing completions. Also, there may be new books in the Age 0 and 1 challenges, so check those out!

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