Welcome to the Picture Book Challenge (えほんのチャレンジ)! Immerse yourself in Japanese by reading through all of the EhonNavi library of free children's books. With 1298 books to read, you'll get plenty of exposure to all kinds of natural Japanese language! This web app will help you track your progress through the challenge.


EhonNavi is a website that has thousands of Japanese children's books that you can read once for free. To participate in the challenge, you will need an EhonNavi account. See this site for a step-by-step guide on creating an account.

The challenge

The challenge is simple: read the entire EhonNavi library of children's books. The books are organized by age. We recommend that you go through the challenge by age, starting with 0歳(ゼロさい).

The purpose of the challenge is to expose you to a large chunk of Japanese. The only requirement is that you can read hiragana and katakana!

We recommend that you read each book without looking up too many words (if any). This may mean that you don't understand a large portion of what you read, and that's okay! It's more about exposure to Japanese rather than 100% comprehension.

The app

To save your progress we use your browser's local database (IndexedDB). If you go to this app from another browser, you won't see your progress! To transfer progress to and from different browsers, use our import/export tool. If you run into any issues with using the app, email us.

The books

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